Up to 600 sq.ft, VEWIOR H13 Ture HEPA Air Filter with Fragrance Sponge 6 Timer Settings


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!!!Important TIPS!!!

1. About Automatic Screen-off LED Panel: When the air purifier runs for a period of time, the LED display will automatically turn off. This is the automatic screen-off function adopted by the VEWIOR air purifier to save your power. When you find that the light of the LED panel does not light up during use, please do not worry that this is not a malfunction of the machine. If you want to check the data of the LED panel, you can restore the display by touching any button on the panel with your hand.

2. True H13 HEPA Filter: Before running the VEWIRO air purifier, please take out the plastic bag of the H13 HEPA filter element, put the H13 HEPA filter element back into the machine, and close the lid before use.

3. Adapter: The adapter is inside the Air Purifiers machine, please put the air purifier upside down, open the cover, and take out the adapter. Note: Use only original adapters for VEWIOR air purifiers! Do not use the same type of adapter for plugging in to avoid short circuit damage to the machine.

4. Replacing Filter: According to the frequency of use and air quality, it is recommended to replace the filter element every 3-6 months to ensure that the air purifier provides fresher air.

5. If the air purifier machine has any fault, please leave a message to tell us. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave us a message at any time.

Purification for Rooms UP to 600ft²/55㎡ Purification for Rooms UP to 600ft²/55㎡

What Are The Features of Our Air Purifiers?

1. PM2.5 Air Quality Monitoring: The biggest feature of VEWIOR air purifier is that it can monitor the PM2.5 value of the current surrounding air quality in real time. When the air quality is poor, the PM2.5 value will increase, and the air purifier will purify for a period After time, it can be clearly seen that the PM2.5 value in the air has decreased.

2. True H13 HEPA Filter: Using the real H13 HEPA filter element, it can effectively purify 99.97% of pollutants in the air.

3. 600 sq.ft/55㎡: Large CADR value, the maximum purifying area of 600sq.ft/55㎡, it is very suitable for desktop or floor.

4. Ultra Quiet Sleep Mode: The lowest one speed can be used as sleep mode, the noise is lower than 18db, so that you can get fresh air even when you sleep.

5. 6-speed Timing: It has more timing functions than similar products, which are 2/4/6/8/10/12H.

6. Two-in-one Fragrant Air Purifier: Add fragrant essential oil cotton pieces on the top, and the essential oil can be directly dropped into the gap on the top (No need to open the top cover). The scent of your favorite essential oils spreads throughout the room with the fresh air, keeping the air fresh and fragrant at all times. Using a few drops of soothing and sleep-aiding essential oils at night can give you a safe and sweet dream!

7. Auto Mode & Auto Speed: When you don't know how to choose 1/2/3 speeds. You can turn on the automatic mode, in which the air purifier will automatically adjust the wind speed according to the current air quality.

9. Applicable to California: California's seasonal wildfire outbreaks produce large amounts of harmful air pollutants, which can cause harm to people when inhaled. At this time, you need an air purifier very much to help you filter the pollutants in the air of the wildfire, bring you fresh air and breathe freely.

H13 HEPA Air Filter H13 HEPA Air Filter

Who Are Our Air Purifiers Suitable For?

1. People who are vulnerable to air pollution

2. People with pets at home

3. People who are intolerant to pollen

4. Home decoration / People who love to paint oil paintings

5. People who have been polluted by pungent odor for a long time

6. People affected by smoke

7. People with more air pollutants at home

8. Meet the needs of most people


What Patent Certifications Do We Hold?

Professional Certification, Rest Assured to Use

1. CABR certification

2. ETL certification

3. EPA certification

4. FCC certification


1. Please open the bottom base cover to get the charging adapter.

2. Remove the plastic packaging of the new filter before running the air purifier.

3. If you have any questions, please check the user manual.

What's in the box?

Air Purifier x1

HEPA Filter x 1

User Manual x1

Charging Adapter x1 (Inside the filter, Needs to be taken out)

Air purifeir A2 Air Purifier A1 Air Filter For A2 Air Filter Fir A1
Air Purifier A2 Air Purifier A1 Air Filter For A2 Air Filter For A1
Color White White+Gray White White
Item Dimensions 9.8*9.8*14.64 Inches 6.30*6.30*9.96 Inches 7.08*7.08*8.18 Inches 4.70*4.70*5.12 Inches
Weight 5.20 Pounds 2.82 Pounds 1.09 Pounds 0.44 Pounds
Coverage Area 1100 sq.ft²/100㎡ 600 sq.ft²/55㎡ 1100 sq.ft²/100㎡ 600 sq.ft²/55㎡
Filtering System True H13 HEPA Filter True H13 HEPA Filter True H13 HEPA Filter True H13 HEPA Filter
Filter Lifespan 3-6 months 3-6 months 3-6 months 3-6 months
Application Desktop/Floor Desktop/Floor Desktop/Floor Desktop/Floor

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laura Toney
Air purifier

I bought this to help with allergies and pet odors. So far it's working like a champ.

Quality Compact Air Purifier

I was looking for a compact, quality air purifier for my office and found this simple, but good one. Upon using, it seems to be doing well. Really easy to set up and use, it only took a couple minutes. Has everything you’d need in a good system, several speeds fan, timer, nice filter, essential oil tray, quiet, and also what I do like, it has an air quality indicator. Checked it out, and it seemed to register correctly with my personal air quality tester. After some use the numbers went down. So it is seems to be cleaning the air, from what I can tell.

A slick package works well

This is a very compact and well-made product that works as advertised. It is not much larger than a thick loaf of bread, so not at all obtrusive. I have a much larger Cowway air purifier that sits on the floor of my living/family room, but this much smaller unit will work well in a bedroom or office, given it's compact size. The timer and other digital controls are very easy to use, and I especially like the digital readout of the air particle size measurement. It is very quiet at the lowest speed, though more noticible if you switch to a higher speed, though it move enough air that I cannot see needing a higher speed very often. The filters look very easy to change when the time comes.

assed a real life Air Quality Test

I was looking for a small unit to keep on my work desk. This one did the trick - my allergies were gone in a few hours (after taking medicine) and they haven’t been back. The unit is so silent I almost forget to turn it on.

I placed it besides one of my big air purifiers of a known brand and it would turn on every time the big one would - like when one of the dogs came closer to it. That means the air quality sensor is good - and it also gives me the readings of the air quality which is important to me.

I am allergic to pollen and living in Florida has always been a challenge. I have three big air purifiers throughout my home but since I work from home and spend a lot of time in my home office, I needed a small unit like this. No regrets!

If I had to change anything I would have the unit resume its previous state upon losing power. This would allow me to add it to my Alexa routine and have it turned on once I go into my office and off when I’m done for the day. Currently it won’t turn on if it loses power and then power resumes back. I loved this little mighty unit though and I plan to get another for my bedroom as it has no annoying lights that would keep me up.

Really nice working air purifier with lots of features. Nice!

I have been wanting to replace my older model of room filter/purifier for quite a while.

The VEWIOR Air Purifier with Air Quality Display so far has been a great choice.

Upon receiving it I found the air purifier was packed well and compactly, in a nice-quality box. Inside the box, there is the purifier and nothing else visible except the small manual, secured with packing foam. The manual gives you a quick overview of how to unpack the purifier and how to use it.

The bottom of the purifier has a hatch that unscrews to get to the rest of the parts. Inside is the power pack, and the filter in its plastic protective bag.

The filter fits into the bottom and the hatch goes back on. Replacing the filter is super-easy and quick.

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Up to 600 sq.ft, VEWIOR H13 Ture HEPA Air Filter with Fragrance Sponge 6 Timer Settings